Friday 29 March 2019

Vet Dynamics on CountryFile

With uncertainty and change around every corner, many challenges face those devoted to the veterinary profession and most of these challenges will be news to the UK public, who till now, remain somewhat unaware and possibly misinformed when it comes to vets and veterinary business.

Thanks to one episode of BBC1’s Countryfile aired in March 2019 and which addressed many of these current issues, this could soon change. . .  

Tom Heap, BBC Rural Affairs Correspondent and Countryfile Presenter, along with his film crew and a BBC Director, joined Vet Dynamics Director Vicky Robinson on a dog walk in her home village close to Swindon and the Cotswolds, with ‘Granddog’ Chester. Later they visited the Vet Dynamics head office based at the Nexus Business Centre in Swindon where they have operated from since 2012.

After the excitement of the days filming, Vicky commented “I thought of so many things I could have mentioned if I’d had time to think the questions through more thoroughly” and she’s since been able to pass some of those thoughts to the BBC to help validate and quantify much of what was discussed in production.

Vicky went on to say, “I really hope this comes across as it was intended and helps to generate some awareness and compassion for our wonderful profession and those who work so tirelessly and passionately within it”.

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